Monday, 2 May 2016

99 CENTS: What Dreams May Come by Beth M. Honeycutt

He knows her darkest secrets, sees into her dreams. Math class will never be the same.

Reality is overrated. Or so Ellie Cross believes. She greatly prefers the dreams she shares with her imaginary friend and lifelong BFF, Gabe, to the nightmare of her real life. And okay, so yeah, lately Ellie’s noticed that Gabe’s kinda hot. Make that incredibly hot. But that doesn’t mean she’s crazy or anything. So what if she happens to have an itsy-bitsy crush on her reality-challenged friend? Who’s it hurting, really?

But when the hot new guy at school walks into her math class, Ellie finds herself staring into eyes remarkably like the ones she’s been dreaming of all her life. To make matters worse, the new guy seems to know things about Ellie that he shouldn’t have any way of knowing. Has Ellie finally lost it, started confusing dreams with reality? Or is there something else going on, something she never could’ve imagined, even in her wildest dreams?


 (USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands)

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