Monday, 10 October 2016

99 CENTS: Merchant of Lies (A Renny Doyle Thriller) by Damien Degenhart

A taut, fast-paced psychological thriller that intersperses suspense with moments of very black humor. 

At age 24, Renee Dolan, a University of Chicago-educated economist, is performing a routine job as a research assistant at a think tank in New York City. Already beset by tragedy and troubling secrets, a near-rape forces her into a radical transformation. To ensure her freedom and security, Renee disguises herself as a male, Renny Doyle. Renny is a young man who accepts no limits to his freedom and is almost fearless. He isn’t impressed by the confines of legality and is willing to cross the line when necessary. He runs a false identity business, becomes a computer hacker, and does freelance jobs for a mysterious mobster. He turns to murder when his identity and lifestyle are threatened, and doesn’t seem to be burdened with guilt. 

Renee and Renny share the same body, but their values are very different. Renee is straight as an arrow; Renny lies for a living. How long can this duality continue? What will it take to upset the balance between Renny and Renee? Can Renee ever go back to her old life? Does she even want to?


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