Tuesday, 8 March 2016

FREE : Mr. Ruins by Michael John Grist



These vampires eat souls.

The Arctic ice is gone, blown apart in desperate resource wars. Global tsunamis have left the world an apocalyptic wasteland. Survivors cluster on lawless floating slums, living in fear of the next big wave.

But ex-Arctic marine Ritry isn't afraid. He lost more in the wars than anyone alive, and it left him numb. Now he works as an illegal graysmith - injecting and erasing memories in living minds - and stumbles through his life in a fog of alcohol, violence and sex.

Until he meets Mr. Ruins.

Ruins is a mass-murderer, a sadist, and a vampire of the soul. In the wreck of an abandoned shark-fighting arena, he offers Ritry a simple choice: join him or die. Ritry only has to choose. 

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